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Are you ready to access YOUR Fertile Being? This state of wholeness and creative potential is already within you and has the power to transform your health and empower your life. 

I'm Catherine Gregory, and over the past decade I've helped countless women access their inner source of healing, wisdom and creative potential through intuitive, holistic bodywork, Mayan healing techniques, shamanic journeying, guided meditation, mindful breath work and therapeutic coaching. 

When you "widen the lens" to view your life from a broader, holistic perspective, you ignite a catalyst for deep change and personal growth. From this vantage point, you are able to align your body, mind and spirit to access what I call Your Fertile Being. When you are living from this state of awareness, all possibilities exist!

My beautifully diverse range of clients have overcome all sorts of health challenges. They've become mothers after years of unexplained infertility. They've balanced irregular or painful menstrual cycles and cured their PMS. They've sailed through menopause without symptoms or complaint. They've healed post-surgical abdominal scarring, cured pelvic pain and adhesions, healed prolapsed organs and a host of other urinary and digestive imbalances.

My practice philosophy is to help you not only heal from your physical symptoms but to connect to the powerful, creative energy of your spirit to bring more vitality and wholeness to your life.

Each session is unique, intuitively addressing your present needs through a mind-body-spirit approach to healing. You are gently guided to bring a deeper awareness to your breath, your body and the overall experience of receiving bodywork so that you become engaged in your healing in a more empowered, present way. 

If you're ready to dive into your own journey of exploration and healing, I'd be honored to introduce you to Your Fertile Being


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Fertile Being Healing Arts is located in historic Old Town Square in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado.

Member, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals; Member, Maya Abdominal Massage Association 

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